Rack mount for two latest Gen Mac Pro's

Two Mac Pro Servers
4U of overall installed height.
Mac Pro server fan vents to the rear of the cabinet
Clips secure the top of the Mac Pro to keep things tidy
Mac Pro server rackmount extends out of the cabinet with ball bearing slides
Rack mount for two Apple Mac Pro Servers
Clips secures top of Mac Pro Server to the shelf
Rubber edging prevents damage to the finish of the Mac Pro
Up close, tabs to secure base of Mac Pro in shelf
Empty Mac Pro shelf
Rear view of double Mac Pro rack mount shelf with 10 extension slide
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Additional Info
pdf MPR-2X.pdf (1.4 MB)
pdf MPR_2X_C.pdf (250.4 KB)
The sliding 4U standard 19” nema rack mount adaptor for two current generation Mac Pros. The 14” ball bearing slides makes for quick access and easy configuration of the Mac Pros. Individual rack wire management makes for clean installation and hassle free management for wires when sliding. The bottom of the Mac Pro faces front so that cold air is drawn in and vented to the rear by the Mac Pro’s internal fan circulating air efficiently to keep your Mac Pro cool. Rear clip fixtures and front tabs secure each Mac Pro conveniently and quickly in the tray. Front panel ports for up to four optional 3.0 USB cables. Optional rear brace kit available for extra rack support. Optional Baffle plate for restricting air flow to just the Mac Pro and closes off appearance and accessibility if needed. Optional mounting for two Promise Technology SANLink Fibre Channel Adapters. This rack mount fits within 4U of standard 19” nema rack space for the potential of twenty Mac Pro units in a standard 42U cabinet with 2U left over. Comes with all internal hardware to secure the Mac Pros, and all rack affixation hardware. (10-32 rack screws)
  • Fits Two Current Generation Apple Mac Pros.
  • 4U Standard 19” Nema Rack Space Form Factor.
  • 14” Ball Bearing Slides.
  • Open Face Design to Maximize Air Flow.
  • Individual Rack Wire Management.
  • Secure Mac Pro Clipping System.
  • Up to Four Optional USB 3.0.
  • Optional Rear Brace Kit
  • Optional Baffle Plate System.
  • Optional Rear Mount SanLink Adaptor.
  • All Mounting Hardware Included.
  • Dimensions: 14.375” Long, 19” Wide, 3.5” Tall, 7lbs.