1U Rack mount for two Mac minis W/slide



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The sliding 1 unit 19” standard nema rack rack mount adaptor holds up to two of all the Unibody versions of the Apple Mac mini, or one USB SuperDrive and one Mac mini. 

This sliding rack mount comes equipped with two USB 3.0 cables mounted at the front panel for quick and easy access. Two power switch toggles to control the mini’s power from the front panel allow for quick resets of the Mac mini without sliding the rack out. The 1URS is mounted on 12” ball bearing slides, for smooth easy access to the rack internals. The Mac minis are held in place by an easy access brace across the top of the minis, holding them securely when sliding the rack out but also allowing for quick set ups and on the fly swap outs. Rear braces are included to attach the rack to the rear of the cabinet for a more secure rack for a maximum depth of 29-7/8”. Sliding racks also come with a wire management track, allowing individual rack cable management to keep your cables organized, tidy, and untangled (uncluttered?) adding ease to Mac mini swaps. Vents on the front of the rack allow fresh air to the Mac minis for better cooling. All of these features are contained within one unit form factor of standard 19” nema rack space maximizing available space within the server rack; allowing for a potential of eighty four Mac minis in a standard 42U cabinet.

All required hardware for internal mounting as well as rack affixation come included. (10-32 rack screws) 1URS are also compatible with our USB SuperDrive inserts. 



  • Holds All Unibody Versions of the Apple Mac mini
  • 1 Unit Standard 19” Nema Rack Form Factor
  • Two USB 3.0 Cables
  • Power Switch Toggles at Front Panel
  • 12” Ball Bearing Slides 
  • Multiple Braces for Secure Mac minis
  • Easy Setup and Swap Out
  • Individual Rack Wire Management Systems
  • Front Vents for Cooler Mac minis
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • Compatible with SuperDrive Insert 
  • Dimensions: 18.25” Long, 19” Wide, 1.75” Tall, 7lbs.