Lenovo ThinkStation Ultra 3U

Two ThinkStation Ultra
Shown with clamps
Front View with ThinkStation Ultra Installed
Front View Empty
Shown With Power Supplies Installed
Upper View Empty
Rear View w Power Supplies
Rear View Empty
Cable Management Included
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Ext Brace:

Cage Nuts:

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Additional Info
pdf TS-2XRS-Ultra.pdf (1.4 MB)
pdf TS2XRSUtraInstallationC.pdf (1.2 MB)


Holds two Lenovo ThinkStation Ultra SFF workstations.  14" Ball bearing slide for easy access.  Includes rear braces for up to 32" deep racks.  Longer braces available.  Integrated cable management with ample cable tie down locations for securing cable. Power supply clamps hold 170W, 230W, or 300W above the computer for access to cooling air above the computers.    Workstations secure with rear clamp to hold both securly in the rack mount.  10-32 hardware included.