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 The NK-RS-2U (2X or 3X faceplate)  rack-mount server adaptor for the Intel® NUC Mini PC’s (“H” height, chassis-117 x 112 x 56mm).  This unit has a 13.5” ball bearing for easy slide out access for the Mini PC’s.  Each unit is held horizontally to allow for maximum PC density in 2U of rack space.  The included double wire management feature allows for data and power to be separated.  This feature also allows the Mini PC’s to stay running when slid out for easy access to the rear ports as well as servicing a single unit without taking the others offline.  The Mini PC’s are secured from below with 3mm x 10mm screws with ample locations for cable ties.  The power supply clamps have a cable spooling feature on top to easily wind up extra power supply cable length. 



  • Holds up to 3 of current Intel® NUC Mini PC
  • 2U standard 19” nema rack space.
  • 13.5” ball bearing slides.
  • Pull handles for easy access.
  • Clamps for power supplies in rack.
  • Cooling vents in the face to maintain fresh air flow from the front.
  • Double wire management for separate data and power.
  • Optional front panel 3.0 USB, USBC, HDMI.  Up to 3 per Mini PC.
  • Optional rear brace for added support.  Reaches rear rails up to 36”
  • All mounting hardware included. 8x10-32 rack screws with 2x 10-32 thumbscrews and 6x 3mm computer retention screws.
  • Dimensions: 17.0” deep 19.0” wide 3.5” tall 9.2lbs