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Sliding rack mount adaptor that stores eight Unibody Apple Mac minis vertically. Front panel USB 3.0 ports and power switch toggles options available.
USB and USB C ports

 Combo USB3.0 adn USB C Combo plate.  Latest Unibody Mac mini only!

USB 3.0 Adaptor Plate For MMR-2G-5URS
 USB adaptor plate with USB 3.0 cables for each bay.  Comes preinstalled on the 5URS sliding shelf.
Power Button Toggles Shown on MMR-2G-5URS
Power toggle adaptor pre installed.
Rear Brace Kit for MK1 Manufacturing Rackmount kits
 Braces rack slide units to the rear of the rack enclosure.

1U Blank plate

MK1 Manufacturing’s sliding vertical rack mount for 8 Apple Mac mini’s are perfect for high density server applications. Integrated wire management holds the wires along with ball bearing slides for easy server access from the front of the rack. A host of options are available to customize the Mac mini server rack mounts to the ideal configuration for your needs.