SANLink + Mac Mini

Mac Mini rackmount with space and organization for two SANlink
Includes Buttons and USB 3.0 to the front panel
Fully loaded with ball bearing slides
Includes wire management for slide as well as cable organization for Thunderbolt and power
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 The MMR-SL-1URS is a Rack-mount adaptor for the 2nd Generation Mac Mini with room and mounting for two Promise Technology SANLink Fibre Channel Adapters.  The provided clamps attach the components securely, allowing for proper ventilation and wiring for video cables, networking, USB 3.0, FireWire and AV. Front panel USB ports as well as Front panel power toggles are included. This accessory is also compatible with all standard 19” NEMA rack-mounts including media cabinets, server rooms, editing rooms, sound stages, A/V master consoles or any application where 19” rack enclosures are used.